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Picture of Abby with Four Hoops

Devoted to my love of hooping, beauty, and fitness…

...not necessarily in that order.

(photo by Douglas Bolst.)

fitness (it's fun and good for you)

Endorphin Rush

My favorite thing about fitness is the feeling of accomplishment, the joy of movement. It wasn't something that I just woke up one morning and loved. It's like coffee, an acquired taste. But once you have that taste, the rewards are huge and addictive.

Some people see exercise as bittersweet. They hate the taste, but love the results.
Well…  how about 'HOT & SEXY'! Welcome to Zumba®!
My Friend Carla (her link here), teaches a class that give you all of the hot, and twice the sexy. Oh, and by the way, you will have FUN burning anywhere from 400-700 kcals per hour.

Fitness: Treatment for Depression. Added Energy. Ability to keep up with small children at any pace. Ability to outrun your high schooler who plays X-Box all day. Beat your husband in an arm wrestling match. (Well, I don't guarantee that).


What I know about it

I have been a cosmetologist since 1986. Special moments like weddings, confirmations, bar and bat mitzvot stay in my mind. Watching children grow, the joys of families from pre-school to marriage,

man…I am really old!

I have worked with Logics International as a hair color educator. I have worked in many high end salons. I have had the pleasure of working with the Paul Mitchell team and with Minardi and Minardi.

I worked as an assistant make-up artist for Christian Dior, as a photo make-up artist for Glamour Shots.

Most recently, I have helped my friends Douglas and Nicky at Libertine Photography.