My family

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My Family

My family is inspiring.

my journey to hooping

My journey to the hoop was well, kind of simple.

As a fitness instructor I am always looking for interesting and innovative ideas to keep exercise fun. One late night, I was surfing the internet and was thinking about an old friend, Christabel Zamor, and decided to google her. Much to my surprise, a web page called 'Hoop Girl' came up. My initial response was…WHAT? The last time I saw her, she was studying for her PhD. in Cultural Anthropology. So I googled her again, and several links came up about hooping. I navigated to and I started to read. I became very intrigued with this idea of hooping for fitness. I ordered my first hoop and it grew from there.

Hooping brings the fun back into fitness.

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my curriculum vitae

I have had many experiences in life. This resume is a small part of my fitness history.