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You began this visit on February 19th 2018

What I discovered, in my exploration inside the hoop (so to speak), was a new way of moving and a new type of rhythm. The hoop itself has its own rhythm, which can seem intimidating and confining at first. But as I began to surrender to the hoop, and allowed my body to move in sinc with the hoop, the confines of the circle melted away.

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Abby with 2 Hoops


in the process

Eye of the Storm shows Brecken's process for accepting the rhythm of the hoop.    (warning! language)
Here you hear the inner voices of Brecken. She is trying to learn a move (and not doing some other things that she should be doing); yet she keeps telling herself to 'be in it'.

night hooping with LED hoops

these are more expensive, call or email for quotes

Hoop at Night 3

Hoop at Night 2

Hoop at Night 1